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  • YOU looked around for a hotel
  • Then you booked it online
  • NOW, give us your booking details
  • WE negoZiate with your hotel and get better booking terms
  • You cancel your old booking
  • ... and WE HELP YOU to make a new one directly with the hotel.

The negoZiate Hotels app will make you happy

Just send us your booking details and we will contact the hotel.
We will negoZiate better booking terms for you.

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negoZiate saves you money!

If you have already booked a hotel you still can get a better price.

Most of the hotels all around the world pay high commission to travel agents. That is why any hotel will be so pleased to negoZiate directly with you.

Tell us what you need to cancel you travel agent reservation and make a new one directly with the hotel. We will negoZiate and we will get "Free parking" or "Sea-view room"... or better price for you. Just anything.

No hotel will publicly admit this. Hotels can get into serious trouble if caught by the travel agencies with which they had signed cooperation agreements. Tour operators really love their really high commissions and they will fight for it.

Help us to help you.

We know travel operators and we know hotels. You can be sure the hotel needs you and loves you more than they have ever loved any travel agency.

So, will you negoZiate or you just prefer to pay more for nothing?

negoZiate online now!

negoZiate Hotel app

Help the hotel give you a better price or better booking terms. The hotels need you to book directly with them.

negoZiate Car app

COMING SOON... Get the best car renting price with negoZiate! It will be soooo easy.

negoZiate Restaurant app

COMING SOON... It does no matter the price, we will help you get great discounts.

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COMING SOON... Too many flight prices, you better negoZiate and save your money and your time.